Port Commission Meeting Videos, Informational Videos & Television Spots

To facilitate citizen access to information about the Port, the Port features three types of informational videos provided below. The Port began carrying unedited videos of the Commission meetings on the website in January 2014. The Port completed its first informational videos in late 2012 and its first informational television spots in mid 2013. Households in the United States (and presumably Thurston County households) have an average of 2.5 TVs each, making television an important tool for community outreach.

Port Commission Meetings
Port Commission meetings are videotaped and usually available for viewing shortly after each meeting. Use the link below to access the library of Commission meeting videos available for on-line viewing.
Port Commission Meeting Videos on Demand
Port Overview Videos
Short, informational videos were produced to provide citizens with an overview of the Port.  Both videos are available for Port speakers to show to community, neighborhood and civic groups.
Port of Olympia - 5 Min Video
Port of Olympia - 90 Sec Video
TV Spots
The Port airs 30-second informational TV spots on several cable television channels that are available throughout Thurston County. The Port selects channels and airing times based on high viewership in our County and on cost.
View our 30-second informational TV spots