Swantown Marina and Boatworks

Marine Fueling Station

This highly requested project would provide county boaters and visitors to Olympia a deep-water, all weather, state-of-the-art marine fueling facility.  The project entails site selection, engineering, planning and construction of the fuel dock and support facilities.
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Marina Dock Leveling and Tightening

This project includes tightening of all marina dock thru-rods and connecting hardware, leveling all of the docks.  Docks need periodic tightening and leveling to assure long life and safety to users.

Tow Boat Renovation

As part of the boat renovation, the work will include replacing two high hour motors, repairing structural damage to the hull, flooring and decks, and painting the vessel.  Additionally, much of the electronics on board will be replaced.  The funding for this work is from a FY14 FEMA Security grant, with a total project cost of $81,200 including a Port match of 25%.

Marina Security Cameras

The purpose of this project is to continue enhancing the Swantown Marina Security Program.  The work will include installing additional cameras, allowing the Port to monitor currently "dark" areas.  The monitoring system has proven itself beneficial over time.

For additional information, please send inquiries to engineering@portolympia.com